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Every day, our researchers are getting one step closer to saving lives and improving the quality of life for cancer survivors. Our intent is to transform cancer as we know it by drawing on world-class research expertise and fostering collaborations with our partners across industries.

Professor Shudong Wang

New cancer drugs show great promise

CDKI-73 and MKI-18 may sound like characters from Star Wars or a Cold War spy novel, but their background is even more intriguing and their impact could be very significant. We’ve highlighted their potential to kill cancer cells without having too much impact on surrounding normal cells.

Professor Doug Brooks

Big advances for prostate cancer diagnosis and disease prediction

New research in cell transport systems is signalling big advances and improvements for prostate cancer diagnosis and disease prediction. Professor Doug Brooks is drawing upon his understanding of the transport systems inside cells, to deliver game-changing breakthroughs for the diagnosis and prognosis of prostate cancer.

Professor Ian Olver, Inaugural Director

Improving the quality of life for cancer patients and their families

When living with cancer, a patient’s quality of life and overall wellbeing are just as important, and in some cases more important, than the treatment of disease and the physical body. Professor Ian Olver focuses his research on anticancer drug studies, symptom control and psycho-oncology, and improving cancer care in rural communities.

Professor Cory Xian

Safeguarding fragile bones during chemotherapy

The Bone Growth and Repair Research Lab is striving to prevent bone damage and bone growth defects for child cancer patients, a common side effect of intensive chemotherapy.

Professor Eva Bezak

Innovation to predict best treatment for cancers

Using advanced computing simulation, UniSA’s world-leading radiation oncology and radiobiology researchers can analyse and predict the best combination of treatment for hard to beat cancers.

Professor Peter Hoffmann

New hope for identifying early-stage ovarian cancer

An early detection test for ovarian cancer is under development at UniSA. The test offers a chance to improve the survival rates for the more than 1,500 women diagnosed each year in Australia.

Professor Sanjay Garg

Delivering chemotherapy directly into breast cancer cells

Using cutting-edge nanotechnology, a team of researchers at UniSA are working to target a potent cancer therapy directly into breast cells.

Professor Shudong Wang

Lifesaving new therapies for children with leukaemia

A research team led by UniSA’s Professor Shudong Wang is fine-tuning a safer therapy for children with acute leukaemias to improve survival rates and reduce side effects.

Professor Clive Prestidge

Trading water for oil to enhance cancer treatments

New technologies created by Professor Clive Prestidge and his team are showing promising results for reformulating current cancer therapies into improved oral doses that can be taken at home.

Professor Elina Hyponnen

Preventing cancer before it strikes

Professor Elina Hypönnen leads the new Australian Centre for Precision Health at UniSA and a stream of research within the Centre to find strategies to prevent cancer.