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Pharmaceutical Innovation and Development

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With an ERA ranking of 5 (outstanding performance well above world standard), Pharmaceutical science is a key strategic research area in the school. Our team of internationally recognized researchers cover the full spectrum, i.e. from basic mechanistic studies to clinical product development of human and veterinary pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, nutraceuticals and biotechnological preparations.

Our Research

Prof Sanjay Garg is responsible for Pharmaceutical Innovation and Development and focusses on translational pharmaceutics, with special interest in progressing molecules to medicines.

Prof Clive Prestidge leads a research group with a primary focus on nano-structured drug delivery systems and interfacial science applied to pharmaceutical formulation and delivery.

Dr Nicky Thomas’s research is concerned with the interaction of nanomedicines with bacterial biofilms and with the development of novel strategies to combat some of the most debilitating diseases - chronic infections. 

Dr Tim Barnes is pursuing novel drug delivery systems, nanotechnology, and influence of protein damage on protein-protein/protein-surface interactions.

Dr Kristen Bremmell uses a range of approaches to deliver drugs with greater impact and lower toxicity. She is interested in studying fundamental interactions and structures that provide the improved outcomes.

Dr May Song is an experienced pharmaceutical technologist with expertise in full range of dosage form design for human and veterinary applications.

Dr Qian Zhang is an expert on transdermal and topical preparations, focussing on novel anti-infective compounds and delivery systems.

Dr Shasha Rao’s research focuses on designing and developing nanostructured carriers to improve the oral delivery of poorly water soluble drugs and biologics. She is experienced in understanding the absorption and disposition of drugs or biologics following oral administration.

Mr Karl Peressin is a researcher with interests in enhancing the oral delivery of poorly water soluble drugs and biologics through the development of polymeric carrier technologies and solid-state lipid based drug delivery systems.  

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Our Capabilities

UniSA's pharmaceutical science laboratories are very well equipped with a range of equipment required for analysis, physico-chemical characterization, and formulation development. The team also has easy access to advanced facilities in other departments including Future Industries Institute at Mawson Lakes, as well as in other Universities in South Australia.