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Enhancing Australia’s competitiveness through innovation and partnership

Australian competitiveness needs innovative industries and services that are focused, agile, high value-add, transformative and fully integrated into global supply chains. By prioritising the sustainable use of our resources and by adding value where we have a competitive advantage, we will optimise long-term economic, social and environmental benefit to the community.

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Research stories


Enterprising Research: Improving the almond harvest

Professor John Fielke



PLM grant announcement to the University of South Australia



Enterprising Research: How we can recycle common agricultural waste products to produce filters for water treatment

Dr Gary Owens



Enterprising Research: Socially inclusive employment practices

Professsor Susan Luckman


Enterprising Research: Is there a regional innovation system in Northern Adelaide?

Dr Gaye Deegan



Enterprising Research: Making renewable energy and storage technologies more cost effective

Dr George Chen



Enterprising Research: Advanced industrialised and prefabricated construction

Professor Abbas Elmualim


Enterprising Research: Creating more powerful batteries

Dr Rick Fabretto


Enterprising Research: Increasing the energy storage capacity of molten salt

Dr Ming Liu


Enterprising Research: a smarter way to use antibiotics to combat implant associated infections

Professor Hans Griesser, Dr Bryan Coad and their team


Enterprising Research: Accelerating bone healing using magnesium implants

Dr Mohammad Uddin


Enterprising Research: Morphogenetic prototyping laboratory

Dr Tim McGinley

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We invite you to reach out and explore the exciting opportunities for your organisation to partner with UniSA. For more information and to connect with us please contact:

Professor Andy
Ph: (08) 8302 9129

Ph: (08) 8302 5854

Ph: (08) 8302 5360


To engage with our “Transforming Industries” research theme, please contact Professor Emily Hilder via

Further Research Theme Steering Group members:

Peter Murphy
Anthony Elliott
David Cropley
Allan O'Connor
Nikki Stanford
Markus Stumptner
Duncan Campbell
Bruce Thomas
Ian Gwilt
Regina Burachik
Susan Hillier
Siobhan Banks

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