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Zeogen: Oxygen releasing zeolite wound dressing

First technology that uses zeolites for oxygen generation to promote wound healingZeogen


  • Improved wound healing rates
  • Sustained oxygen delivery
  • Does not require enzymes, sophisticated devices, or toxic chemicals


A constant supply of oxygen is essential for rapid wound healing. For large or chronic wounds, the supply of oxygen is restricted due to damage to the underlying tissue and vasculature. As a result, cells suffer from hypoxia, which hinders the wound healing process. The lack of oxygen also increases the risk of wound infection, and increases the release of reactive oxidative species (ROS), which result in a delay of wound regeneration.

To address this challenge, we have developed the Zeogen wound dressing, which can provide a sustained delivery of oxygen across the wound area.

Zeogen incorporates zeolites within a biopolymer foam dressing. Zeolites are biocompatible aluminosilicate minerals with uniform nanoporous networks which are capable of adsorbing and releasing oxygen (& other gases), and have already found application in several commercial products such as drug delivery, tissue regeneration and detoxification. Unlike other wound dressings that generate oxygen, Zeogen does not require enzymes, chemicals, additional devices or sophisticated manufacturing practices.


We have established:

  • Oxygen releasing zeolite technology in commercially available and biologically certified polymers
  • Investigated the kinetics of oxygen release from the zeolite impregnated wound dressings and demonstrated sustained release characteristics
  • Demonstrated biocompatibility and function in vitro through cytotoxicity and wound closure assays under hypoxic conditions.
  • Demonstrated efficacy of Zeogen wound dressing in an in vivo model for wound healing.

Potential Markets

Wound management and biotechnology companies.

IP Status

The intellectual property is protected by an Australian provisional patent.

Partnering Opportunities

UniSA Ventures is seeking commercial partners for co-development and licensing opportunities.


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