Australian Research Centre for Interactive and Virtual Environments

IVE is a world leader in augmented and virtual reality technologies. The research centre is an unique alignment of computer science, art and design, brought together to transform industry and solve large-scale societal challenges.

IVE is the focal point for interdisciplinary AR and VR research at UniSA and we work with industry partners around the world including Google, Saab, Amazon and Siemens.

Our globally-renowned researchers are leaders in user interactions with AR and VR technologies including wearable computing, human-computer interactions, 3D visualisations and telepresence. They also have vast experience in manufacturing, Internet-of-Things, interactive art, and design for healthcare and defence.

Globally, there is an increased demand for AR and VR technologies in industry. In collaboration with our research and industry partners, IVE will lead the next wave of AR and VR technology.

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Discover how our researchers at IVE are solving some of industry and society’s most-pressing challenges.

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